Forever Stored!

The Awesomeness of a Memory Chip

We know the downside of technology: It gets obsolete sooner than we expect. It seems that the moment you jump into the newest bandwagon along comes the more resplendent and more hype-worthy chariot. And this is what Hitachi is trying to oppose: Create an evergreen technology that doesn’t recognize time, whose durability transcends all three malevolent forces- use, misuse, and abuse.

And it starts with preserving all our files on a small piece of quartz glass.

Hitachi, a storage and electronics giant, announced what lies in the future for digital storage. The quartz glass measures 2-centimeter by 2-millimeter, and has the capability of holding 40 megabytes per square inch. It stores your data in binary through creation of layers of dots that can be read by an ordinary optical microscope. You see, there is always the leering fear of losing our digital files- whether it’s your iTunes Library, your complete photo gallery, your contacts, and God-knows-whatever-it-is. According to the researchers, the device can stand the test of time and- no punches pulled here- they say it can last almost forever.

Before you protest, here are some of the facts to support Hitachi’s claims:

  1. The device can endure extreme heat; 1,832 Fahrenheit (or 1000 degree Celsius) to be exact!
  2. The storage device is waterproof. This means, that it can survive natural calamities like fires, flood, or tsunami.
  3. It can stand against corrosive elements and chemicals.
  4. It can also stand the harmful effects of radio waves.

According to Kazuyoshi Torii, a Hitachi Researcher:

“The volume of data being created every day is exploding, but in terms of keeping it for later generations, we haven’t necessarily improved since the days we inscribed things on stones. The possibility of losing information may have actually increased.”

Well, this may be Greek to your ears, but inasmuch as we want the device to be tested, the chip is still new, has no practical use and testing of it has not been recorded yet. The question is: If this were ever true, would you buy this and transfer all your data?

Again, according to its makers, the chips could potentially replace CDs and hard drives which are very sensitive, and can be outdated at the next turn of the decade. Indeed, the rapid advancement of technology results in the regular changes of data-reading hardware. With these durable glass chips, the future generations can retrieve important details and files from archives especially for libraries, educational institutions, government agencies, museums, and for future research.

The advantage of this quartz chip is that it’s really hard to break or damage it, let alone corrupt the files stored on it. For example, a simple scratch or welt can have a great effect on the data contained on a DVD or a flash drive. Or a hard drive, once dropped on the floor, can be irreparable, and its files, irretrievable.

Though there’s some hope for this one, we still can’t help casting our doubts on its capability. Well, who knows? it might even be available to a smartphone.

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