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Forever Stored!

The Awesomeness of a Memory Chip

We know the downside of technology: It gets obsolete sooner than we expect. It seems that the moment you jump into the newest bandwagon along comes the more resplendent and more hype-worthy chariot. And this is what Hitachi is trying to oppose: Create an evergreen technology that doesn’t recognize time, whose durability transcends all three malevolent forces- use, misuse, and abuse.

And it starts with preserving all our files on a small piece of quartz glass.

Hitachi, a storage and electronics giant, announced what lies in the future for digital storage. The quartz glass measures 2-centimeter by 2-millimeter, and has the capability of holding 40 megabytes per square inch. It stores your data in binary through creation of layers of dots that can be read by an ordinary optical microscope. You see, there is always the leering fear of losing our digital files- whether it’s your iTunes Library, your complete photo gallery, your contacts, and God-knows-whatever-it-is. According to the researchers, the device can stand the test of time and- no punches pulled here- they say it can last almost forever.

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