The Hurricane Named iPhone 5

The iPhone has become a modern cultural figure. It has been one of the most famous smartphones and has become one of Apple’s symbolic products, aside from their laptops and computers. Many avid followers have even sold their smart phones just to get this coveted gadget. This grandiose connotation was also amplified when the late CEO Steve Jobs took Apple’s direction to the top. Being an icon has its perks. You get free exposure and praise but, having flaws as tragic as Oedipus Rex is also exposed. The iPhone series may have seen tragedy but it is always seen as a marvel and a technological leap. The latest of Apple’s leaps is the release of their flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 is the latest addition to Apple’s roster of unique and enduring smartphones. It created a miracle by currently being the thinnest smartphone in the world. It has features that some smartphones are just trying to make. But, being a cultural icon, miracles are just easy to achieve. It really is a miracle, considering that Apple received more than two million orders of iPhone 5 units in 24 hours. They even had to shift other orders to October just to catch up with the demand and the current number of supplies.

The iPhone 5 is the fastest selling iPhone yet. Apple Senior VP for Worldwide Marketing Philip Schiller states, “iPhone 5 pre-orders have shattered the previous record held by iPhone 4S and the customer response to iPhone 5 has been phenomenal.” Customers just need to wait for their phones. An Apple statement says “Demand for iPhone 5 exceeds the initial supply and while the majority of pre-orders will be delivered to customers on September 21, many are scheduled to be delivered in October.” Since Apple released it, the iPhone 5 will be shipped and will arrive to 100 countries around the globe within the year. Americans experienced first the benefits of having the iPhone 5; which explains why many of them sold their cell phones.

In the US, the iPhone 5 will be available at Walmart, AT&T, Wireless, RadioShack, Sprint, Verizon, Target and Best Buy stores. Others may have the option of buying it from the Apple Online Store and its retail outlets. Some Americans in New York just can’t wait for their iPhone 5. They camped outside the Apple store on Fifth Avenue hopeful to buy the new smartphone and probably get some publicity. Some analysts say that Apple could sell 10 million in the opening days and 50 million units before the year ends. Thus, many have been quite hesitant for Apple to release the mini-iPad expected to be launched within the year. Analyst Michael Walkley says, “Bolstered by the iPhone 5, we believe Apple’s industry-leading software ecosystem and integrated hardware expertise will lead to a strong multi-year product cycle.”

The lighter, thinner iPhone 5 has been quite the remarkable delight of smartphone enthusiasts. Avid iPhone patrons have really waited for the release of the latest roster of iPhones. The smartphone will be price-tagged at approximately $700-$800. But, that won’t stop users from coveting and buying this anticipated masterpiece. They can always have the option to sell used cell phones if they don’t have the cash.


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